Crave Group is committed to bringing the best experience possible.

We have traveled, researched, studied, and pivoted countless times in order to continue upgrading our culinary, mixology, and service skills. Whether as owners or consultants, Crave Group has been involved with the opening of more than 10 restaurants and 1 bakery. Today, we operate two full service restaurants and one virtual restaurant.


Lone Star Steakhouse

Lone Star Steakhouse originally opened in 1995. After being opened for 7 years, it was acquired by Crave Group in 2002. Widely recognized on the island of Guam for its soft & delicious bread, Lone Star is a staple on any table. Resting in a tourist driven economy, visitors to Guam flock to the restaurant for its hourly staff performances, extra large drinks, and generous portions. 25 years later, Lone Star is a fixture in the community and is here to stay. Whether you are permanently located in Guam or are traveling over for some R&R, Lone Star is a must try.


Crust Pizzeria Napoletana

Crust Pizzeria Napoletana officially opened its doors early in 2016 after more than 2 years of research & ideation by Brian Artero, Owner & CEO. Keeping a mindset of being the best, not the best available, he brought on Chef Francesco Savinetti, a master Pizzaiolo, to form a team that could bring an authentic Italian dining experience to Guam that just hadn't existed here before. Flying from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Crust is a culmination of experiences in world-class, internationally renowned restaurants & bars. It is the attention to detail & international influence behind every meal, drink, and interaction at Crust that makes our restaurant as special as it is.